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 Lightning Flash Ref sheet/Bio

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Lightning Flash Ref sheet/Bio Empty
PostSubject: Lightning Flash Ref sheet/Bio   Lightning Flash Ref sheet/Bio EmptyMon Dec 07, 2015 12:38 am

Location: Cloudsdale

Official Title: Senior Wonder Bolt Lightning Flash

Alias/Nickname: Lightning Bolt

Race: Pegasus (Male)

Age: 22 years

Build: Strong yet Sleek

Weight: 200 lbs

Ref Sheet:

Lightning Flash Ref sheet/Bio Lightning%20Flash%20Ref%20SheetV2


Lightning is as seen in the profile pic, a regal White haired stallion with streaks of silver running through his mane and tail as well as silver eyes.


As a young colt, he lived in Cloudsdale, he was teased constantly by his peers for being taller than the average, his teachers tried to prevent further teasing to the young colt but their efforts proved fruitless. They felt sad for him, despite his size difference he appeared to be a gifted flier, as well as having a certain knack for cloud control, almost too where it bordered telepathic. Though, his height and size still made him an outcast in classes.
Until, during a race, a fierce competitive influence, which he didn’t even know he had, rose to the surface, his class mates were stunned as he blazed past all competition, finishing with a climax of a reverberating Sonic boom, Silver lightning trail streaking behind him as he performed a 'Sonic Flash' (Mach 1.5).

From that day forward, he was no longer teased or treated badly by anypony but revered as the youngest, newly appointed member of the Cloudsdale race team.

News of his accomplishments soon spread through Equestria, earning him the notice of the, current, ‘Wonder Bolts’ team at the time. The next several years proved challenging for the young Colt, having to split his time between his school studies and Flight training at the recently formed Wonder Bolt Academy, quickly showing his knack for learning quickly and keen senses while flying as well as his weather control abilities increasing substantially also.

After graduating, he looked forward to devoting all his time toward becoming a Winder Bolt, his newly realised dream. That is, until he received an unexpected letter from the ‘Cloudsdale Cloud Factory’, he had been asked to come in for an interview for a position as ‘Head Cloud Buster and Weather Control Pony’, it was a pretty high position in the company, an opportunity which would be foolish to pass up.

It was a hard decision to make, but, regrettably, he had to cut short his time at the academy to pursue the new Job he had been presented with, he had breezed through the interview mainly due to speed, strength and natural talent, his decision was met with understanding from the Wonder Bolt commander at the time, and said ‘If ever you wish to complete your training, there will be a spot open for you on the team.’

Lightning spent the next couple of years at the ‘Clouds Factory’, at first the shifts felt long and the work, hard. But, after the first few months, he began to get used to the workload and even began to exceed the expectations of his employers, granting him a promotion and with it, certain perks, one of which being more time to himself which he used to resume his time at the ‘Wonder Bolt’ academy on a part time basis.

But even this proved to be yet another small hurdle to overcome as he graduated the academy only a year late, becoming an honorary Wonder Bolt!


Lightning can be headstrong at times, and possesses a competitive streak, not being one to give up without a fight, but he has a good, courageous heart, being kind and loyal to everypony he meets, especially his closest friends and loved ones.

Special Talent:

Officially, he is the holder of the Equestria Air speed record, this earning him the Cutey mark of three silver lightning bolts, streaking across his flanks, surrounded by a ring of clouds, and the Nickname of ‘Lightning Bolt’.

Vore: Prey (Cannon predators prefered).

Vore Prefs/kinks:

Likes:- Fatal Digestion (Re-form outside of scene), Soft or Hard Oral Vore, Vampiric Vore, Cooking, Alterinitive Vore (such as Absorbtion via Magic or physically into the body, Mane/Tail or Horn vore) and Small Pred/Large Prey. ^w^

Dislikes:- Pre-Vore Scat play or ANY Piss Play, Anal Vore (Post Vore Scat is acceptable).

Alt forms:

(None yet)


(None as of yet)
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Lightning Flash Ref sheet/Bio
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