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This forum is a community for rpers who like both MLP and vore,
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 Astral's OC

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Astral Providence

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PostSubject: Astral's OC   Astral's OC EmptyTue Mar 17, 2015 3:39 pm

Name:Righteous Blade

Age: adult

Sexual orientation: Bisexual but still has preference for males

job:royal guard

Looks: he is a unicorn with light grey coat, pure white mane and tail and sea-green eyes, he is rather tall(a few inches smaller than Luna so still taller than most stallions) he has a well toned body that he often use to seduce his preys

Personality:Tough He is  kind and caring with most, he is a also quick to dispose of criminals and traitors through vorish means as he see them as garbage that need to be dealt with quickly

Vore orientation: predator only or exceptionally unwilling prey. He love to consume his prey with his cock or with his mouth, he will reform you after he is done with you modifying your memory with his magic if you were unwilling, but if you are a criminal or traitor you end up fully processed in his muscles to make him stronger or as a puddle of semen on the ground if he was horny. And one last thing once he brought your muzzle to his crotch it's too late because his musk has an hypnotic effect that makes you into a willing slutty prey.
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Astral's OC
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