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This forum is a community for rpers who like both MLP and vore,
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TwoScore and FourPairs

TwoScore and FourPairs

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PostSubject: 48's chars   48's chars EmptyTue Dec 23, 2014 2:42 am

So, I guess I want to see this place grow at least a little bit, so I'm joining in too, I guess.

TwoScore (and) FourPairs:
run of the mill jack-of-all-trades pony who I use as a "be whoever you want him to be" kind of char. Not really descriptive beyond being my "me" char.

Lil' grey pony with a blond mane, kinda looks like Derpy I guess, but it's just a coincidence really. A really odd coincidence. He likes playing with ponies, whether its with in a game or with their genitals, (or in someone's mouth) and isn't afraid to get really friendly really fast. He likes being both pred and prey, so if you're either, don't worry about how you handle him, I suppose, he can take a hit. (I suppose I usually play him as a larger pony when he's pred, which is kinda often, so there's that XP )

A changeling who's pretty much obsessed with sex, often changing to suit the needs of the partner and to create as much love as possible. The bug will also try to either swallow up the partner by the end of the night, loving the feeling of an overly stuffed belly.

Baldr often changes its gender, though most of the time, it prefers to be male, so...I suppose call 'em 'he' even if he's a girl. Or not, I don't care .3.

Can be both pred and prey and isn't afraid of doing almost anything.

Jolly Roger:
Goes by Roger mostly. He's a big old jet plane pony, modeled after an F-15. When I say big, think the size of a jet plane compared to a human. He has a lot of mechanical parts inside of him though he's designed for comfortable transportation of ponies. However, he does have a particularly gruesome digestive track, when he decides to use it, so be wary of him unless you are into more gory kinds of play.

He's generally mean, though can be brought to a hot blush if you handle him right. Generally a predator due to his size, of course. Really big cock, for the ladies who can take it, of course~

I know the rules said OP characters aren't allowed, but a few people I played with seem to like this character. She's basically a sex goddess. Emphasis on goddess. Who's obsessed with sex.

Mostly, her powers are limited to body modification, and she absolutely LOVES to change ponies' bodies, especially when it makes them more attractive or more capable of having sex with her. Pretty much, any fetish you can think up, and I mean pretty much anything, she'll not only want to do enthusiastically, but try to do it to the best of her ability. Even if that means trying to eat herself for someone else's enjoyment.

(Yeah, she's crazy, but that's why I love this character ^w^)

Uh...I guess I also just make up characters whenever someone wants to play with new ideas, so I also have:

Turing, a large slug pony who loves to snuggle little ponies...and tease them until they're red in the face~ (Edit, Turing is based off if the FTL slugs, if ya know that game, heh, so he may or may not have mystic powers);

Benny, a bee pony who's kinda like a cute little puppy boyfriend, but rough as hell in bed~ Dominant little guy who may or may not just eat ponies left and right on a whim~;

And, uh...I guess I'll come up with more in the future. Hope you like what you see!

(And if you're wondering, yeah, I'll do pretty much anything.)

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