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 ForestStalkers' characters

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PostSubject: ForestStalkers' characters   ForestStalkers' characters EmptyMon Dec 22, 2014 10:29 pm

Name: Scinfaxi

Gender: Female (usually)

Species: Kelpie

Age: ???? somewhere in the thousands.

Sexuality: Pansexual.

Personality: Seductive, usually pretty happy, manic at times, persistent, gluttonous, sneaky, socially inept, easily distracted, curious.

Likes: Eating, sleeping, hunting, swimming, other lakemosters, nature, her brother.

Dislikes: Being hungry, people, cities, waiting, bright lights, loud noises.

Abilities: Skilled climber and swimmer, excellent at sneaking around wooded areas at any time of day, but not quite as good in urban locations, good with kinesis magic and illusionary spells, also capable of shapeshifting, but this is limited by how much mass she has. Can breathe in freshwater, but not saltwater.

Vore: Exclusively predator

Name: Hrimfaxi

Gender: Male (Usually)

Species: Kelpie


Sexuality: Pansexual

Personality: Silent, reserved, indifferent, prefers to stay in the background, observant, curious, persistent, aggressive at times, also socially inept.

Likes: Eating, sleeping, hunting, swimming, exploring, fighting, nature, his sister.

Dislikes:Being hungry, cities, people, children, saltwater, high pitched noises.

Abilities: Same as Scinfaxi's.

Vore:Exclusively predator

Appearance wise, they're pretty much the same, save for gender, black mane and tail, white coat, no cutie marks, red eyes, that glow in low light conditions.

I do have a third character that isn't exactly a pony or vore character, so i'm not sure i'm gonna post her here.
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ForestStalkers' characters
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